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December 27 2017

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Personalisation of canvas prints doesn't have to be confined to the home

Personalisation of your space at home is a great way to make your place truly feel like it's yours. Whether it's through hand-picked artwork or canvas prints of your family, there are plenty of ways you can personalise your home so that it's unique. What is perhaps less talked about is how you business owners and office managers can bring some of those personalisation ideas into their office.

The first thing to think about is how your office is laid out. Is it open plan, or do your employees work in private rooms or cubicles? How your office is laid out will have a big impact on how exactly you can bring personalisation into the workspace.

Colour scheme

Much like at home, the colour scheme is vitally important. A lot of companies don't pay much attention to the colour schemes of their office, and whilst it may not be important as the balance sheet, a well-decorated office can help to make a positive impression on any important visitors or investors stopping by for a meeting. It's a good idea to think about the colour scheme you want to roll out throughout the office. Do you have an identifiable brand image or a company logo? If so, you could use some of the same colours throughout your office to bring your office in line with your brand image. 

If you haven't spent time on a logo or thought about the design for your office, then it's important to think about the kind of image you'd like to project to visitors. More muted colours may be suitable if you want to convey a level of professionalism. If your business is all about fun, however, you may want to think about louder colours. Either way, choosing a colour scheme to reflect the merits of your business is a quick and easy way to add a level of personalisation to your office space.

The layout

Within the UK, open plan offices have become the most popular. This is because they're generally the most friendly option when it comes to budget and it enables workers to collaborate and interact with each other seamlessly. There are arguments that it also can be distracting however and that workers end up getting more done if they have their own private space. Getting the layout just right is not only important in terms of productivity, but it can also help with personalisation. 

If you think about the open plan offices you've been inside, chances are that a lot of them will have looked quite similar. Having a dreary layout can make your company seem similar to many others and it may put you on the back foot if you are hosting investors who need to be convinced that your company is special. Just by moving around a few tables and replacing the odd bit of furniture, however, you can make your office really stand out. Some companies such as Google opt to compromise between segregated and integrated spaces, with private offices available as well as small grouped tables, which help to encourage teamwork.

Adding productivity

A personalised workspace has been shown to boost the wellbeing of employees. Simple touches like a canvas print of a photo taken on a team day out can help make team members feel involved and valued. The more valued an employee feels, the more motivated they become to complete their job to a high standard. Alternatively, you could always create some illustrated signs which feature motivational or team mottos. If you want to go the extra mile for your employees, you can even use canvas prints to showcase the employee of the month. Ultimately, there's no limit to what you could be doing when it comes to personalising your office.

Check out our range of canvas print options to see how easy it could be to give your office a much needed personal touch.
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